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Online social marketing is easier than offline. A marketing coach therefore advices to use online social marketing to make the customers aware as well as disseminate the business in a brilliant way. Social marketing as a concept is similar to normal marketing, but differs in the fact that, in social marketing, the emphasis is not on sales or financial returns but on improving society. For instance, advertising that people can find treatment for tuberculosis at a hospital for free will help society a lot in that all patients with tuberculosis will seek treatment and stop the disease. With the advancement of the internet, online social marketing has been made easier. It also offers a variety of methods which are cost effective. An experienced marketing consultant can help you achieve all the following advantages of online social marketing:

  • It is easier to identify the target audience. Taking the search history of an internet user, Google Adwords can tell which of the advertisements he will be interested in and delivers those to him. Additionally, Google delivers advertisements related to the content of a web page and if someone was interested in the page, it is likely they will be interested in others as well.
  • Pay per click: You pay for the advertisements when people click on them to enter your site. That is only when you can consider that they have got your message.
  • Message delivery is quick. With the internet, whatever message you want to send to your audience is received in a matter of seconds. Sending a tweet or Facebook status update for instance, your followers or friends receive it almost instantly.

Online social marketing can be called as the best marketing strategy performed in various forms. It is necessary to have a website with complete information on what you wish to advertise. Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, Banner adverts etc. with highly functional features can provide you the best marketing solutions.

Facebook: You can create a Facebook group and invite your friends to join. Those who are interested in the subject under discussion will join. You can also send your message as a status update but this can be viewed only by your friends. They can also share their views in the form of likes, dislikes and comments on the issues under discussion. With Facebook, you can share videos, photos and anything on the same platform.

Google Adwords: Your advertisement is displayed on WebPages that have content similar to what you are advertising. Google Adwords is pay-per click and so you pay only when someone goes to your website to see what you have.

Twitter: Twitter is also a social marketing tool that can be used to send targeted information. Here, the message (tweet) is sent to individual targets or broadcasted for all the followers of the account to see.

Banner adverts: With this, you negotiate with a website to carry your advertisement. You pay the agreed rates and the advert stays up so long as your payment is valid. Online social marketing is more effective than offline. You also get to save a lot of money as you do not print or produce any materials at all. Travelling costs are also reduced to a minimum.

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