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Easy Way to Unclutter Your Twitter Profile

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Easy Way to Unclutter Your Twitter Profile

Many twitter users like me occasionally come into a situation where we are overloaded i.e.where a certain number of twitter users we follow – following us are inactive. A good move would be to analyze them all and eventually to unfollow them.


Selection and analysis by manual methods would be exhaustive and almost impossible especially for users bound with a huge amount of connections. This situation has prompted many developers – twitter developers to draw up specific tools to analyze your account for you that will eventually wipe undesirable connections by your decision.


I am about to show you a few these tools. They are different, each with unique features. I leave you to decide which is most appropriate for your use.


Cleaning up the Twitter Profile Mess

Twitter Profile




Tweepi is my latest find from Get Twitter Followers: Execution and Tools. Tweepi is a quick and easy program that will help you to improve your profile. It’s main purpose is Cleaning and Finding new Twitter friends. The registration procedure is fast. It takes only 1 minute to register with your twitter profile. Immediately thereafter Tweepi will analyze your twitter profile and give you suggestions.


It is worth mentioning that Tweepi Dashboard service is both free and premium, and I must say both free and premium services are great.


When it comes to the free account, you are presented with these options:


  • You are following XX tweeps who are not following you back.  (Remove those who are not following you)
  • XX tweeps are following you, but you’re not following them back. (Gain new followers)
  • Is your Twitter stream getting crowded with tweets? You are following XX users, why not unfollow some (Clean Up button – remove unwanted users)
  • Want to follow new users based on which tweeps they’re interested in? Try following a @user’s followers.(Follow Followers)
  • Many interesting lists out there. Want to follow a select few users from a certain list? Tweepi’s follow by list makes it super easy to do so. (Follow List – Follow all users from a specific list)
  • Do you want to copy/paste a comma separated list of Twitter users and analyze them in Tweepi’s awesome table? Try this. (Get a table and analyze data manually!)


Premium services in Tweepi:


  • Do you have some undesirable people following you? XX users follow you. Would you like to force some to unfollow you? (Force users to unfollow you!)
  • Search for tweets restrict by geolocation and follow users who just tweeted about that criteria. An awesome new way to discover and follow new tweeps. (Meet new people by geolocation search)
  • Unfollow users who haven’t tweeted in  XX days.(Remove inactive users!
  • Unfollow users I followed more than  XX days ago and haven’t followed me back (Flush them!).
  • Cleanup tweeps with the default egg avatar (i.e never uploaded an image).
  • Cleanup tweeps with no bio descriptions
  • Cleanup users with   scores less than XX  out of 100


Free services are sufficient for the average user. Premium services even if designed for more committed Twitter users are desirable by both groups.  When it comes to pricing you can subscribe for $14.99 (/month) or $149.00 for one year. For enterprise and business use price should not pose a problem. However, for everyone else it’s pretty expensive.


Twit Cleaner


Twit Cleaner is only based on removing twitter connections. There isn’t any registration. All you need to do is to authorize your Twitter account for analysis. This tool analyse your Twitter follower behavior and put them in a “Naughty List“.  It will present  icons of our twitter connections separated in different groups for specific reasons:


  • Potentially dodgy behavior
    • Nothing but Links (connections sharing only blog, news links)
    • App Spam (paper.li, 4sq)
  • Other dodgy behavior (usually inactivity)
  • No Activity in over a month (It’s obvious)
  • Not much interaction
    • Not active yet (Fewer than 10 posts)
    • Hardly follow anyone (People that follow back fewer than 10% of those who follow them)
  • Little original content (High percentage of retweets)
  • Not following you back


Ok these are the groups and sub-groups. As I said, they are filled with icons of your connections. With only one click  on each profile picture, you can remove them. It’s important to say that Twit Cleaner unfollows slower the way Twitter likes (e.g. If you remove 20 people in 5 seconds, Twit Cleaner will remove slower because of Twitter removal policies). This tool does not have premium features.


Another feature in Twit Cleaner I like is “How do I Look to Twit Cleaner“. Based on your most recent behavior in Twitter it will tell you if you are included in any of the “Naughty List“. Click the above link and check yourself.

Twitter Profile




Who.Unfollowed.Me again is different from previous two. Registration is super easy by granting access to your Twitter account. This tool has lite and pro versions. Lite is completely useless while pro version is just fine and here is why:


  • Who unfollowed me
  • Who’s not following me back
  • Whom I’m not following back
  • Unfollower history


If you choose the „Who unfollowed me“ for the first time you will get the message: Looks like you didn’t lose any followers this time around. Obviously it starts monitoring after you join this tool.


If you choose anything else, you will be presented with only 1 result and XX results remaining. They can be revealed by getting pro version of this tool. This is the reason why I called „lite“ version useless. However, pro version is cheap – 4,99$ for 12 months.




ManageFilter is my favorite.  It has many subscription plans, but free and budgie (pro) editions are just great. Just like Twit Cleaner it can sort all your connections in different groups like:


  • Not Following back
  • No,  Profile image
  • Fake following
  • Non-English
  • Inactive
  • Talkative
  • Quiet


You can mark any connection you want and then unfollow (remove) it. However, if you are using the free version, you have daily follow – unfollow limits. Pro users have unlimited unfollow limits, ability to create white lists, copy another account followers and some other less popular features.


I have already mentioned budgie package. It has all Pro features, cost $12.00 / (month) for 1 Twitter account. Other more expensive packages differ in number of Twitter accounts you want to add.



UnTweeps is fairly little Twitter cleanup tool. Registration is about granting Twitter account access. This tool has only two features. First one is about listing inactive Twitter connections. Second one is about finding new connections.


Free usage of UnTweeps allows up to three free uses. This limitation can be bypassed by subscribing to Pro version that costs $1.37 for three days, $6.49 per month and $35.00 for one year.


These are the 5 Tools I use for cleaning my Twitter Profile. As for me, ManageFlitter and  Tweepi are the best use them often. What are your favorite Twitter cleaning tools?

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8 Responses to “Easy Way to Unclutter Your Twitter Profile”

  1. Ilka Flood Says:

    Hi Annetta,

    Oh, I LOVE Tweepi! Use it all the time. Haven’t heard of the other services you are sharing above though. Will go check them out. Having a mess on Twitter distracts you from the tweets of your followers you really care about.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    Ilka Flood recently posted..How to Laser-Focus to Reach Your Goal in Network MarketingMy Profile

  2. Nate Goodman Says:

    Very thorough article. We wrote one that may be of interest related to loosing all your Twitter followers with one big mistake. Hope you like it http://thoughtreach.com/lose-all-your-twitter-followers-with-one-mistake/
    Nate Goodman recently posted..7 Reasons to NOT use HootsuiteMy Profile (dofollow)

  3. Iteire Apollos Says:

    These tools are great m going to try them out. My twitter following/followers ratio is too high. I think my twitter account need clean up.Thanks very much for this information. I really find it helpful. One more thing. i will like you to make a post on how we can make our tweet to reach out to more people. Because i tend to get a lots of retweets but i get very little visitors from twitter.
    Iteire Apollos recently posted..The Role Guest Blogging Plays In Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile (dofollow)

  4. Annetta Powell Says:

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for the comment and the link. It just came to my mind about the last year incident when a hacker destroyed the whole data from the journalist’s Mac, iPhone and deleted the Google account. The intention of the hacker was just to take control of the fancy Twitter handler. After he took control of the Twitter account, started sending out offensive Tweets.

    Most of the time those scam bait comes into your Twitter DM. I never check my DM as I feel that Twitter is not an email service. If someone genuinely wants to contact me for something, send me a Tweet. I am happy to answer and can give a contact option through reply.
    Annetta Powell recently posted..Easy Way to Unclutter Your Twitter ProfileMy Profile

  5. Annetta Powell Says:

    Hi Apollos,

    As you are building your Twitter followers, be sure to keep a good following/Followers ratio. When you reach the point when you are following 2000 and the ratio is too high, you will be in trouble and won’t be add any more.

    And to answer to your question, I have a blog post about Triberr here http://www.annettapowellonline.com/twitter-traffic . I have only about 40k Twitter followers, but by using Triberr, my Tweets have a potential to reach over 1 million Twitter users.

    Thanks for stopping by and the comment.

  6. Annetta Powell Says:

    @ Ilka Flood:

    I would say, stick with Tweepi if you are already using it. Other tools have some interesting features what Tweepi does not have.

    Thank you for visiting and the comment.

  7. Susan B. Bentley Says:

    Thanks so much for these links. I’d heard of Tweepi but hadn’t investigated it further – I’m now using it to really sort through my followers/nonfollowers list.
    Susan B. Bentley recently posted..What cats can teach us about freelancingMy Profile (dofollow)

  8. Annetta Powell Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Glad to here that the links were helpful. None of these tools are one click mass unfollower tool. These tools follow Twitter guidelines for following and unfollowing. So if you have a huge number of profiles to unfollow, it may takes some time with these tools. But it is safe and sorthing profiles are easier with these tools.

    Thanks for the comment and sharing.
    Annetta Powell recently posted..41 Ways to Become Twitter SavvyMy Profile

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